No Weather Interference

  • Because the NZCT Cricket Centre is fully enclosed, weather will not interfere with your schedule.
  • You are 100% sure of completing your organised training plans.

The Ability To Personalise Conditions

  • At the NZCT Cricket Centre pitches can be produced to meet your demands. For example, if a school 1st XI is going to the sub-continent then dry, spinning pitches can be produced to simulate the conditions they’ll face overseas.
  • The number of pitches required can also be adapted to meet a team’s requirements. For example, if a squad of, say, 16 are coming to practise, then 3 lanes could be prepared for use. If only 5 players are training then 1 lane may be enough.

Match Simulation

  • The ability to train on grass pitches will help players become accustomed to the conditions that they compete on.
  • Artificial turf plays completely different to natural grass pitches, so it makes sense to practise in conditions that simulate a match.
  • On grass, batters will learn to play the ball later and will develop correct, positive footwork. As opposed to artificial pitches where a batter can just stand-and-deliver, grass practise pitches will expose any technical deficiency with regard to footwork, balance and weight distribution.
  • For bowlers, they will learn to hit a fuller length as grass pitches do not have the same pace and bounce that artificial ones do. The false sense of appreciation that some bowlers get from bowling short on artificals will not exist on grass pitches, so they will need to bowl better lengths consistently.

Less Stress On Bowlers

  • One of the biggest advantages of the NZCT Cricket Centre is the fact that bowling on grass pitches is physically less stressful for bowlers.
  • Normal artificial pitches are laid straight on to concrete (or wood) foundations, which means there’s very little give for a fast bowler when running in and delivering the ball. As the NZCT Cricket Centre is natural grass, the shock and impact that a bowler’s body feels is markedly reduced.
  • The eventual benefit of bowling on grass should be less injuries, less rehab, and more time to focus on skill development.