Heinrich Malan Central Stags first-class coach

    “To have a facility such as the NZCT Cricket Centre to prepare for matches or develop skills, anytime of the year, will not only benefit the Stags, but also Manawatu and Central Districts cricketers of all ages”.

    Adam Milne Black Caps, Central Stags, & Royal Challengers Bangalore representative

    “The NZCT Cricket Centre has been great for me and my bowling workloads. I can now get all my training done on grass surfaces, no matter the weather outside. Bowling on grass is a lot easier on my body than bowling on artificial surfaces, so I’m thankful the MCA built such a facility in Palmerston North”.

    Hamish Barton White Ferns head coach (NZ Women’s team)

    “From a coaches perspective, to have players training on the surface – grass – that they will be playing on is an ideal way to develop their technical and tactical skills. Due to the natural surface, it forces both batters and bowlers to work harder, which obviously aids development”.

    Jamie How Former Black Caps & Central Stags representative

    “Being able to train on grass pitches all year round can only benefit cricketers of all ages. The NZCT Cricket Centre is a top initiative by the MCA and a great asset for the Manawatu region”.

    Ewen Thompson Former Black Caps & Central Stags representative

    “I used the NZCT Cricket Centre for pre-season training for a whole day in late September 2014. To have the certainty of being able to train on grass allowed me to coach multiple teams on a set schedule. I believe the quality and intensity that the players demonstrated was a direct result of the conditions provided at the centre”.

    Nats Subramanian Founder & Director – Take me 2 The World

    “Take Me 2 New Zealand is a niche tourism operator. As part of a recent visit by 20 students from Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore, India, we engaged the NZCT Cricket Centre for a half day training as well as cricket coaching from Jacob Oram.

    The most important thing for us was there was no concern about the weather despite the forecast for the day. Being an indoor centre was a big plus for us. Added to that, the real grass pitches offered an environment as close to playing conditions as possible. The centre also has world class facilities such as the automated roof that gets activated based on wind, rain and temperature.

    Jacob Oram and Dave Fulton were great. They helped with preparation prior to the visit, provided necessary gear on the day, were courteous and helpful to the group, and were well presented at all times. Overall, I would rate our experience 5 out of 5 - the facilities and staff were amazing!”

    Hannah Rowe White Ferns & Central Hinds representative

    “The NZCT Cricket Centre is a great place to practise as it allows me the opportunity to simulate my training.

    From bowling on grass, to getting my full up in, to bowling in my cricket boots, the NZCT Cricket Centre is the only training facility where I can get all this achieved 12 months a year."